Our company SWORAD s.r.o. was established in June 2010.

The objective of the company is the scientific research in the field of radar meteorology.

To reach our objectives, we group experts in the field of experimental physics, mathematics and computer science. We benefit from years of experience in the field of radar meteorology.


The company uses a weather radar - skySCANner, which is able to detect dangerous weather phenomena in the atmosphere that are detectable by band-X microwaves.


We produced skySCANner in collaboration with RAMET corporation equipped with many years of experience with radar design and production.


skySCANner is small and optimal.

We use our own measuring device - skySCANner. Therefore we produce our own primary data, which is then processed by our own algorithms and software. These methods are tested in practice and verified by many years of observations and experiments.

The objective of operating the skySCANner is:

     1) future research and

    2) to provide public and organisations with information about dangerous phenomena in the range of the radar:

      - recommend you to avoid the danger of torrential rain related to a local FLOOD

      - increase your safety during free time activities

      - ease your decision making realizing your work or private activities